Who, What, Why & How

  • Who we are: We are Bill and Sandi Feaster. We are 66 and 62 respectively and have been married for 36 years.
  • What we do:  Bill is a physician and works as a pediatric anesthesiologist and chief medical information officer at a Children’s Hospital.  Sandi is a nurse and has worked in a variety of positions including  adult and pediatric intensive care, marketing medical devices, developing a disease management program for people suffering from several chronic conditions, and running a simulation lab in a medical school.
  • Why are we doing this:  We have watched our parents die of either preventable diseases (COPD – from smoking, Heart Disease – from stress and hypertension), or accept laying in bed, watching TV, not exercising, not engaging in life – in preparation for death.  We knew we didn’t want to live like that and if you are reading this, we will wager that you don’t either.
  • How we will do it:  We will use our medical knowledge, our curiosity, trial and error to explore and share ways to age in the best way possible.  We will disrupt aging and not accept “being old”.  Join our journey!


Author: turning60andbeyond

Sandi Feaster is a registered nurse and health educator. She has worked in the corporate world as well as taken care of people with chronic health conditions. Sandi is convinced that we can improve our lives by educating ourselves and learning how we can curate the life we want. It may seem simple, but exercise and eating healthy food is the foundation of a longer, healthier and engaged life.

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