Weight Lifting: It’s not the Hans and Franz Show Anymore

In the late 1980’s Saturday Night Live did several parodies on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s passion for fitness, and in particular weight lifting.  Check out the link to one of the SNL sketches if you want a little trip down memory lane.


Weight Lifting/Weight Training/Resistant Training (whatever you want call it) is so important to us as we age.  Why you might ask?

  • Minimize Bone Loss – as we age bone tissue regeneration does not keep pace with bone growth.  Resistance training will help “remodel your bone growth” – it  stimulates the bone osteoblasts (those cells that build up  your bone). Even with my running and getting great aerobic activity, I need more weight lifting (OK, I get it – kinda like remodeling your house, eh?).


Listen up!  It’s even worse for post-menopausal women and those that spend more time sitting than standing and moving around. You don’t want to be weak and bent over, do you?

  • Controls insulin swings – your muscles rapidly use glucose (even after completing your resistance work). How good is that and particularly those with borderline type 2 diabetes or that bit of “extra” around the mid-section?
  • Reduces inflammation – more on that in a future post
  • Improved cognitive function – who doesn’t want to have a better brain?
  • Better balance – one fall leading to a hip fracture begins the slippery slope.
  • Improved well-being – who just doesn’t want to feel good?

NEWS FLASH  Maintaining strength is one of the best predictors of survival, according to Mark Peterson from University of Michigan. 

Reference: http://time.com/4803697/bodybuilding-strength-training/?xid=newsletter-health

Author: turning60andbeyond

Sandi Feaster is a registered nurse and health educator. She has worked in the corporate world as well as taken care of people with chronic health conditions. Sandi is convinced that we can improve our lives by educating ourselves and learning how we can curate the life we want. It may seem simple, but exercise and eating healthy food is the foundation of a longer, healthier and engaged life.

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