#Tricompleted (check). No whales in our swim lane.

The Triathalon is now over.  The three of us who started together – finished together, as planned.  Two of us who have never done a triathlon (me and Steve) were a little unprepared for the swells (despite the ocean looking very flat and calm).  We had trained in the bay, but this was a bit different.  We were glad for the swim to be over, we didn’t have to be pulled out by the lifeguards and made it out of the water, as demonstrated in the picture – I’ll be prepared next time.


The learning from the triathlon and life in general:

  • Stretch your comfort zone
  • Try something you are afraid to do
  • Don’t go for the perfect – getting a “b” is OK
  • Have Fun!

By the way, Alison and I finished first in our age class…   I beat others in the 60-64 age class (and it was not an N of 1 in my category)… Woot!  I am ready for the next one.

Go out and try something you never thought you would do… Double dare you.


Author: turning60andbeyond

Sandi Feaster is a registered nurse and health educator. She has worked in the corporate world as well as taken care of people with chronic health conditions. Sandi is convinced that we can improve our lives by educating ourselves and learning how we can curate the life we want. It may seem simple, but exercise and eating healthy food is the foundation of a longer, healthier and engaged life.

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