I’ll Do It Later

How often do we say, I’ll do it later?   That could mean changing the batteries on your smoke detector, getting gas in your car or tending to your healthcare.  Wisdom says, if it only takes a short time, just do it and be done.hourglass-1703330_1920

My husband is a great example of the “I’ll do it later” philosophy, and today was a good lesson.  Background: we moved approximately 500 miles from our previously home in Northern California about 1.5 years ago (we were commuting back and forth for approximately 4 years, while I kept my job up north and my husband worked part time there as well). We kept our health care providers and dentist that had treated us for the best part of 10 years.

With moves comes the usual disruptions: finding and establishing a relationship with a bank, locating your favorite restaurants, finding a good place to get your car serviced, and probably most important, identifying your medical and dental care providers.

We are both relatively healthy and in our 60’s, so what’s the hurry – no pressing issues.  We are good about our dental care, so that was an easy check (cleaning and some minor teeth repairs). Dermatologist was reasonably easy, we asked a neighbor who they went to and got an appointment in a short period of time (not my experience when living in Northern California, that was like getting an audience with the Pope.  So new dermatologist: my husband had a little “thing” on his shoulder – turned out to be melanoma.  Got that taken care of, now on the 6 month watch list. Check!!!

So what about the “general medical stuff”?  Well…. Finding a primary care provider is not so easy.  Their practices are full and getting an appointment is challenging. Getting all of your “stuff” from your previous care providers (your lab results, x-rays, etc.). That takes more time so ” I’ll do it later”.

Today is later!  My husband got his flu shot last week (good start, plus he had to for work), got pretty sick the day after – cold/flu symptoms and then really started feeling poorly through the weekend and into the workweek on Monday.  Symptoms: heart rate was erratic,  shortness of breath walking up the stairs, and generally “not feeling good.”

As all good healthcare people, we pulled out our tools.  First – check out the funky pulse rate with my Kardia, by AliveCor https://www.alivecor.com/  to get an EKG.  It’s an app with a bolt on device that is on the back of my phone (I have had problems with rapid heart rate while I run and I was trying to rule out SVT – but that has already been discussed in a previous blog).  Lo and behold – A Fib, with accompanying higher than normal blood pressure.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 1.31.13 PM

The dilemma is now – no primary care provider and no cardiologist.  Do you go to the emergency department or wait it out?  My husband called the cardiologist office where I was seen a bit ago.  As of this posting, we are still waiting for a “scheduled time” for an appointment.

Moral of the story… Don’t do it later.. do it now!  That is why houses burn down, cars run out of gas and people die. So here we wait – ED or appointment???

Author: turning60andbeyond

Sandi Feaster is a registered nurse and health educator. She has worked in the corporate world as well as taken care of people with chronic health conditions. Sandi is convinced that we can improve our lives by educating ourselves and learning how we can curate the life we want. It may seem simple, but exercise and eating healthy food is the foundation of a longer, healthier and engaged life.

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