Introductory Musings- Yes, Virginia… we are in dog years!

It was just about 4 years ago that I started blogging about the possibility of turning 60 (I had not yet turned 60).  My husband and I discussed how time flies and that we really wanted to learn more about aging and do it well… and share with others.  Time did fly and there were fits and starts on my other blog site. Yes, we are in dog years and it’s going fast.  We need to not wait, think I’ll do it later, or generally put it off.  Today is later, there is not waiting and it’s time to “Get Busy”.

Below is my first blog posting (2.18.13) – Not much changes except rebooting, restarting and “getting busy”

Well… It is a little over 30 days before beginning the 60th year of my life.   The intent of Turning Sixty and Beyond is an extension of Turning Sixty Bytes (my husband’s blog that he started when he turned 60).   Seems life goes in fits and starts. We make resolutions, break resolutions and get discouraged and then start again.  So this blog is designed to look for solutions to make aging easier, finding apps that can be helpful and being a resource for those who are facing the 60 and beyond blessing.